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Aryls Repair has been a renowned appliance repair service provider here in Bakersfield for decades now. Since our establishment as a family business in 1959, we have been the go-to choice of every Bakersfield resident looking for appliance repair services. Our technicians know all appliances like the back of their hands; from fridges to dishwashers, and HVAC systems, we fix it all. At Arlys Repair, you get the best combo of expertise, experience, and affordability!

Our Story

It has been over 60 years that Arly’s Appliance first opened its doors, and today we are still the go-to repair men when it comes to appliances and small motors.

It all started back in 1959, when ArlyFiel moved to Shafter and worked for Witham’s. Fiel; would spend his spare time servicing his neighbors and other customers in the Shafter and Wasco area. He finally asked his bosses if he could work in Bakersfield three days a week and spend two days a week servicing the Shafter and Wasco customers.Two days turned into three and Fiel decided to strike out on his own. Fiel acquired the Maytag franchise eight years later and holds it to this day.

Fiel brought his son, Rod, on board a couple of years later, after he finished college. Rod had worked for his dad during his last two years of high school but took a couple years off to go to school at Fresno Pacific. Rod came home after the two years and return to the shop, working side by side with his dad.

As years went by, Arly’s eyesight started to weaken causing a shift in roles, with Rod now making the service calls and Arly working on appliances in the shop. Although it was a trying time for the men, Rod takes it as a blessing in disguise as it has enabled him to have such a special relationship with his dad.

Years later, Arly and his son continue to remain extremelygratefulto the endearing community of Shafter, owing theirsuccess to the never-ending supportand trust of the Shafter community.

So, if you need a repair, big or small, the dedicated father and son team are here to help keep your machines running smoothly. Give us a call today, and let us fix your appliances without adding to your stress.

Story details as cited in the article: Focus on Local Business: Arly’s Appliance Sees Surge in Repairs During Pandemic, published in The Shafter Press

At Arlys Repair,  we don’t just fix your appliances – we ensure your home & offices run smooth!